Pre-Paid Cards 

Visa® Gift Cards

With an ATIRAgiftSM card you can purchase the things you want - where you want - when you want. It's easy to use and it's convenient. Use it for travel, a special purchase, for a special event or just everyday shopping.

How does it work?

The ATIRAgift card looks like a credit card. But unlike a credit card, the ATIRAgift card stores a dollar value. You can make purchases online, by phone or in person wherever Visa® debit cards are accepted.

To use it, simply present the card to a merchant - or enter the card number online - to make your purchase. The amount of the purchase is deducted from the card's available balance. You can use the card as many times as you like until the balance is gone.

Register your card:  By registering your card, you can keep track of your transactions and balances. And if the ATIRAgift card is lost or stolen, the unspent amount can be replaced*.

Purchase your card today at either Affinity Credit Union location. Cards are available for any amount between $5 and $750.

*There is a $5 fee for replacement cards, $3 purchase fee. $10 purchase fee for non-members.

Visa® Reload Cards

With an ATIRAreloadSM card you can purchase the things you want, have access to cash from an ATM, and have your paycheck deposited directly on the card.**

These cards are great for everyday purchases, traveling, kids in college or as an alternative to a traditional ATM or debit card.

When your funds are running low you can reload the card at your convenience one of four ways:

  • online at
  • at the credit union
  • through direct deposit wages
  • at a Visa Ready Link location

If your card is lost or stolen the card and funds are replaceable.***

Order your personalized card today at either Affinity Credit Union location.

**Monthly and other fees may apply. Visit for a more information and a fee schedule.

***There is a $15 fee for replacement cards, $3 purchase fee and $10 non-member purchase fee.

Tips to help you protect your Pre-paid Card:

  • Choose a PIN for the card and keep it secure.
  • Keep track of the balance.
  • Read the card's fine print to best understand its fees and usage options.
  • Know the rules and options for replacing a card.
  • Write down the card number, security code and customer service number to quickly and easily report a lost, stolen or compromised card.