Central Iowa Saves 

Build your wealth by becoming a Central Iowa Saver. Central Iowa Saves, an affiliate of the nationwide America Saves campaign, is a non-profit organization with a mission of creating opportunities for people with low to moderate incomes to achieve financial stability. Affinity Credit Union is proud to partner with Central Iowa Saves to offer no-fee or low-fee savings accounts to help Central Iowans achieve their financial goals. 

Who is a Central Saver?

Any Central Iowa resident who agrees to work toward a savings goal such as home ownership, school tuition, retirement, debt repayment, etc.

What membership benefits are available?

  • No-fee or low-fee savings account
  • Free informational and motivational workshops with strategies on how to save and build wealth
  • Free one-on-one planning consultation with a budget coach
  • Free seminars by financial experts on how to pay off debts, spend less, qualify for a home mortgage, set up a retirement account, select investment/savings products and more
  • Free monthly e-mail newsletter

What does all this cost me?

Nothing! Your only obligation is to develop a specific saving goal and make regular deposits to a savings account.

Who controls my savings account?

You do. You open your account in your name. Central Iowa Saves is there to advise and encourage.

How do I sign up to become a Central Iowa Saver?

Sign up at any Affinity Credit Union branch or online.