Affinity Is Here To Help YOU!

Our primary goal is to customize a solution to meet your needs, help you through troubled times and get you back on track.

Some of the solutions we will help you consider are:

  • Refinancing mortgage, auto or personal loans from another lender to get you a better rate and help improve your payments and/or terms. Chances are we can meet or even beat your current rate.
  • Skipping a loan payment to help you catch up.
  • Forbearing payments while you are unemployed so you can resume making payments after you return to work.
  • Extending your loan terms to lower the payments to an affordable level.
  • Change your due date to fit your pay days.
  • Set-up an automatic payment from your Affinity account or from an account at another financial institution.
  • Budgeting tools such as worksheets and your own online Personal Financial Management tool, AffinityAim.
  • Financial education with programs such as budgeting, controlling your spending, etc.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and need help, contact us directly at 515-777-7821 or email

In addition, you may find the following resources helpful:

AffinityAim - Your online Personal Financial Management that features many tools to help you manage and track your personal finances. You can bring almost all accounts with online access into one place. You can set budgets and track your spending, create and track your goals, monitor your accounts, identify problems in cash flow and monitor your net worth!

Affinity Reloadable Pre-Paid Visa® Card - With an ATIRAreloadSM you can avoid debt and learn to live within your means. 

Privilege Pay - Understanding Privilege Pay a benefit offered to qualified members that is designed to help prevent your insufficient funds transactions from being returned or declined. - A service for consumers to request free annual credit reports for all three of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies- Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, in accordance with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act). - Get the score that lenders use most, from the company that invented it. Myfico provides you immediate access to your FICO score and credit report online.

Homeownership Preservation Foundation - A nonprofit dedicated to provide you comprehensive financial education and confidential foreclosure prevention counseling for FREE, 24/7.

Budgeting Worksheets - Take control of your finances with our printable budget worksheets to help you set up a budget, establish realistic goals, track spending and determine your true net worth.