Existing Shared Accounts

If you are the primary member on the savings account, you may remove the joint holder by having both parties sign an Account Change Card.  However, in many cases it may be beneficial to establish a new account to eliminate questions of ownership or tax liability.  If you do not decide to open a new savings account remember to change any passwords associated with the account.  You may open an account online or if you are not sure which option is best for your needs, contact a member service representative at 515-288-7225. 

If you are not the primary member you can continue your membership by opening a new membership with a new account number.

Checking accounts often have many unknown access options such as checks that have not yet cleared, automatic deposits or withdrawals, or debit card purchases which may be difficult to define on a joint account.  For this reason, during separation or divorce, we recommend opening a new checking account.

Note:  You will need to open a new member number in order to open a new checking account.

Open a new account online 

If you have shared investments and retirement accounts set up or want to plan for your future, you may wish to meet with an Affinity Credit Union investment adviser regarding your options. Call 515-288-7225 to set up your appointment today.

If you wish to change the beneficiary on your accounts just visit the credit union and speak to a member service representative.

If you are keeping the same account number but are moving be sure to change your address.  You may fax or mail a signed request with your previous and new address or you may change your information once you are logged into Virtual Branch.