A Share Savings Account at Affinity Credit Union can be opened with a minimum deposit of $25. This declares your membership and entitles you to take advantage of our many other great services.

Deposits to your share account can be done through payroll deductions, direct deposit, visiting any credit union office, by mail, night deposit or by using an ATM throughout the state. Dividends can be earned with an average daily balance of $100. Members receive quarterly detailed statements.

Affinity Credit Union rates are competitive, and often higher than banks. Compounded dividends are credited monthly.

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Mt. Money  

Mt. Money is a program designed specifically for our youth members ages 0-17. Youth members can open one of three savings accounts based on age.

  • Hikers - ages 0-6
  • Trekkers - ages 7-12
  • The Summit - ages 13-17

Youth accounts earn dividends on balances $25 or higher. Special events and activities are held throughout the year. Youth members also have access to many free, age-appropriate, online financial games and activities such as:

  • Googolplex - Read stories, play games and calculate your savings.
  • 5Spot (elementary)
  • AJ's (middle school)
  • C-Note (high school)

The Summit members can open a checking account, apply for a car loan and obtain additional products and services at the credit union.

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Open a Mt. Money account today at either of our convenient branches or online:

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Holiday Club

The Affinity Credit Union Holiday Club Account provides members a structured means to save regularly and earn a competitive dividend. Periodic deposits through payroll deduction or direct deposit, form into presents under the tree in no time at all. Holiday Club funds will be transferred to your savings account in mid-late October for your shopping convenience.

Vacation Club

Save for your dream vacation with an Affinity Credit Union Vacation Club account. Watch your savings pile up while earning a competitive dividend. Save periodically with direct deposit or automatic funds transfers.

Name Your Own Account

Do you want to save for something special? At Affinity Credit Union you can name your own account. You can name the account according to what you are saving for and earn dividends with an average daily balance of $100. You can save for vacation, college tuition or any special need you have. Saving can be done easily through payroll deduction.

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