Give your budget a break and take advantage of our skip-a-pay program! You can skip your Affinity loan payment for only $25 per loan.

Skip-A-Pay Information:

  • Skip one month’s payment per eligible loan during a 12-month period.
  • Loan must be current (no more than 10 days past due date)** and accounts in good standing.
  • Must have available funds in share account to cover the $25 fee for each loan payment skipped.

Skip-A-Pay at an Affinity Branch

Fill out the Skip a Payment application and drop off at any Affinity location.

Skip-A-Pay Online

The easiest and most convenient way to skip you next loan payment is through online banking. Simply follow these easy steps:

  • Log into online banking
  • Select the eligible loan and follow the prompts

*First mortgages, home equity loans, personal lines of credit and credit cards are not eligible for this program. Any loan that is 10 or more days past the payment grace period are not eligible for this program. Interest will continue to accrue at the contract rate including the skipped month. This payment deferral will result in an extension of the maturity date and may increase the Annual Percentage Rate and finance charges disclosed on the original promissory note. This modification could affect loan insurance programs, including GAP insurance.

**If you need an extension on a loan that does not qualify for this program, call 515-777-7781.