Certificates of Deposit

Certificates: $1,000 minimum

TermDividend RateAPY*
12 month0.05%0.05%
18 month 0.10%0.10%
24 month0.15%0.15%
   36 month**0.20%0.20%
Invest In Me – $100 Minimum0.20%0.20%

Certificates of Deposit: $25,000 minimum

TermDividend RateAPY*
12 month0.25%0.25%
18 month0.30%0.30%
24 month0.35%0.35%
    36 month** 0.50%0.50%

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*Annual Percentage Yield. The dividend rate and APY are set forth above. Dividends are compounded quarterly. Rates are subject to change daily. The dividend rate and APY are fixed and will be in effect for the term of the account. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Any fees imposed on this account may reduce the earnings on the account. Minimum balance listed is required to earn the stated APY.

**Dividends are compounded yearly. 

***New money only. 

Rates as of 06/01/2021. Subject to change without notice.