HELOC & Home Equity Loans

With property values on the rise, you more than likely have equity in your home… which means your house is worth more than what you owe on it. Affinity can help you access the equity in your home to pay for whatever life throws your way.

It’s your equity. It’s your money. Use it when you need it! 

***Limited Time Special — pay no closing costs on a home equity line of credit***

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Unlike a traditional home equity loan where you borrow a set amount up front, a HELOC gives you access to money as you need it. 

  • Low interest rates – featuring an intro rate of only 0.99% APR!**
  • No annual fee
  • Make no payments for the first 90 days
  • Borrow money as needed
  • Interest may be tax-deductible*
  • Monthly payment is only 1% of the amount borrowed (pay only $100/month on a $10,000 balance)


Take advantage of our Home Equity Line of Credit, featuring an introductory rate of 0.99% APR for the first 6 months!

Traditional Home Equity Loan

A Home Equity Loan is ideal for a one-time borrowing expense. Just like a loan, it is paid over a set period of time. 

  • Funds are disbursed in a lump sum
  • Repayment terms up to 15 years
  • Loan paid back over a low, fixed rate
  • Interest may be tax-deductible*

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*Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest

** **0.99% APR rate for first 6 months of loan. After that, will adjust to the prime lending rate based off of risk based model. Floor rate of 4.0% APR and ceiling rate of 18.0% APR.