Account Service Fees


Minimum Account Balance

$5.00 (membership stake)

Account Closure

$5.00 within the first 6 months

Non-Sufficient Funds

$25.00   $0   3/23-4/30

Overdraft Protection*

$25.00   $0   3/23-4/30

Teller Check Stop Payment

$25.00 plus tax

Draft/ACH Stop Payment

$25.00 plus tax

Bill Pay Stop Payment

$25.00 plus tax

Copy of Check

$3.00 plus tax (free through online banking)

Share Draft Accounts

See disclosures



Monthly Fee


Balance Inquiries


Transaction Fees

10 free/$1.00 each after

Temporary Card


Replacement Card


Point of Sale Transactions


Overdraft Protection*

$25.00   $0  3/23-4/30

Empty Envelope Deposit (ATM)



Deposited Check Returns

Written by Member


Written to Member from Other


Fraudulent Deposits



Domestic Wires









Certified Check


Member Check To Teller Check


Statement Copy

$1.00 per month


Free-2 boxes per month

Account Research

$35.00 per hour

Incorrect Address 

$5.00 per month

Inactive Accounts** 


Notary Service


Signature Guarantee

FREE (Members only)

Check Cashing


(17 and under exempt)



Over $500.00-1% of the check amount

Maximum of $20.00

If total balance is less than $100.00 with no
additional services



Child Support Levies


Phone Transfers


AffinityLine Voice Response


Online Banking


 Bill Pay


Affinity Mobile


Mobile Deposit



Account To Account Transfers






Safe Deposit Boxes

3 x 5


3 x 10


5 x 10


10 x 10


Key Replacement


Drill Box

Billing Cost



Onyx/Platinum MasterCard®

No Annual Fee

Share Secured

No Annual Fee

Balance Transfers


Late Payments

Up to $10.00   $0  3/23-4/30

Returned Payments

Up to $20.00

Cash Advances

$1.00 each at ATM

Foreign Transaction

1% of transaction in U.S. dollars


Electronic Loan Payments

Credit/Debit Card Payment Convenience Fee

*Fees have been waived on new credit/debit card loan payment requests submitted beginning 3/24/20. Any pending payments (recurring, future dated or one-time) previously scheduled will carry the original fee settings at the time of submission.

Loan Payment Amount:



$100 - $199.99


$200 - $299.99


$300 - $399.99


$400 - $499.99


$500 - $599.99


$600 - $699.99


$700 - $799.99 


$800 - $899.99


$900 - $999.99 


$1000 - $1000.99 



*The fee is imposed for overdrafts created by checks, in-person withdrawals, or by other electronic means.

**Fee will not apply to members under the age of 18. A monthly fee will be assessed on memberships with no activity for 90 days and less than a $100 account balance. This fee will not be applied to memberships with an active loan, credit card or safe deposit box. Effective June 1, 2019.

The maximum benefit for privilege pay is $500, including the fees. Each item paid by privilege pay will be charged a fee of $25.00.* If the privilege pay limit has been exhausted, any items attempting to clear the  account will be returned as insufficient. In addition, if a loan is delinquent, privilege pay will be suspended until the loan is brought current. Whether overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and the credit union reserves the right not to pay. For example, overdrafts with a not in good standing account as well as accounts with irregular deposits or too many overdrafts will not be paid. 30 days are available to bring the account to a positive balance, failure to do so, will result in privilege pay being suspended until the account is brought to a positive balance.