Building Better Holidays

At Affinity, our mission is to Build Better Lives for our members and communities. Building Better Holidays was created with our mission statement in mind, supporting local organizations that are helping to Build Better Lives as well.

Our goal is to spread holiday cheer by giving local charities in need a little extra sparkle this holiday season.

The charities selected to receive $10,000 from Affinity Credit Union:

Project Iowa & Urban Dreams!

Project Iowa is a non-profit charity that offers support and training services to Iowans seeking better careers. They believe that everyone has something of value to offer and has the potential to improve their own lives, no matter what their circumstances or background.

The Project Iowa program leads people on all walks of life through self-exploration to find (or rediscover) their purpose, which can lead to a fulfilling, stable career. Whether you have a PhD or a high school diploma, their program has the power to change your life!

Since 2011, their programs have opened doors to discover self-worth, a career that offers a livable wage, and stability for individuals and/or their families.

Urban Dreams, serving the community since 1985, is a non-profit charity that advocates for all members of the community, breaking down barriers to success and collaborating with key stakeholders to overcome obstacles and uplift underserved and underrepresented people.

Their Urban Dream is to create equal opportunity and access for people to pursue their dreams.

Some of the programs and services provided by Urban Dreams are:

  • Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment and OWI Services
  • Workforce Development
  • Community Connectivity
  • Mental Health Treatment and Services
  • Information and Referral
  • Social Mediation and Consultation
  • Voter Education
  • Iowa Brown & Black Forum

Listen as Affinity’s CEO, Jim Dean shares how our Building Better Holidays campaign initiative started and why it’s so important.

Since its creation in 2018, Affinity has donated nearly $70,000 to local charitable organizations as part of our Building Better Holidays campaign.