Personal Line of Credit

Sometimes, life happens and unexpected expenses come up. That could mean getting behind on bills or things just not going the way you thought they would. No matter the life event you find yourself in, you need flexibility, convenience and a financial solution that meets your needs.

That’s where Affinity comes in. We can provide our members with a personal line of credit at low rates. Learn more and how to know if it is the right Affinity loan option for you!

What is a Personal Line of Credit?

A line of credit offers you the ability to borrow only the money you need and often offers an interest rate that is lower than other fixed loan rates for lines of credit. Payment varies depending on the amount that is owed.

How the Personal Line of Credit Loan Works

The amount an individual can borrow varies depending on the credit qualifications. The borrower can access their line of credit online, in person or over the phone. The personal line of credit is paid off through monthly payments, and the payment amount will depend on how much the borrower owes. The term is open-ended, so when you pay down your balance, the funds are available to use again – without additional paperwork.

When You Can Use a Line of Credit

With an Affinity line of credit, you can use these funds to pay bills, cover unexpected expenses or even as overdraft protection on your checking account to avoid returned checks. Our line of credit offers the flexibility and convenience to help you address life’s financial situations head on.

Benefits of an Affinity Personal Line of Credit

  • Quick access to funds
  • Low rates
  • Use the funds for any purpose
  • No annual fee
  • Can use as protection for your checking account

Apply for a Personal Line of Credit Today

At Affinity Credit Union, we understand that when it comes to your finances, there’s more than one solution. That’s why we provide our members with a variety of loan options that can meet many different financial needs. With Affinity, you can apply for a line of credit at any time, and our team will be alongside you through the entire process to ensure that you get the help you need and find the loan that’s right for you.

Apply for a line of credit today!