Beacon of Life

Day 1 of our Building Better Holidays campaign was celebrated by presenting our first $2,000 donation to Beacon of Life.

Beacon of Life, a nonprofit, is the only shelter in Central Iowa that provides transitional housing with supportive services in a structured environment exclusive to women. Thanks to the generosity of their donors, their safe and secure facility is fully equipped with a pantry, kitchen, laundry room, activity room, and around-the-clock staff for 34 women. It affords both anonymity and a sense of belonging, allowing our residents to overcome addictions, trauma, and personal struggles through our financial, health and wellness, employment, and recovery programs.

Their Mission is to create an environment that empowers women in crisis to achieve positive long-term change.

Become a guiding light for women in need in Central Iowa – With as little as $17 you can help provide 10 bus rides for a Beacon of Life woman. To make a donation, click here.

Click the video below to watch Day 1 of our Building Better Holidays 2020 charity reveal.

Click the video below to watch our 2019 Beacon of Life TV Commercial